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Bounty Hunter -
Show Dates and Times

2016 Savannah St. Patrick's Celebration

March 17th, Thursday -- 2:30PM - 5:30PM
March 19th, Saturday -- 1:30PM - 3:30PM

Downtown City Market, Savannah, Georgia.

Event Stage:
The Yuengling Stage on Jefferson Street.

Savannah St. Patrick's Celebration Control Zone Map

Redbreast Tournament

May 21st
Stoke's Bluff
Clio, South Carolina

Bounty Hunter to perform 8PM - 11PM
Outdoor Stage

Info on Bounty Hunter's band web site.

Hope to see you there. Always a blast!


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Musician's Co-op

Life Success for Musicians

"Doing Music & Nothing Else - The Music Business Seminar" by Peter C. Knickels, Music Business Seminars, Ltd.

I'm very fortunate that a lot of different kinds of people often express how much they enjoy how I play the guitar. I love that they appreciate sharing a musical journey with our band and with me personally through the years. Charleston is a guitar kinda town; so is the musically-rich South Carolina Lowcountry and Savannah Georgia as well. They love heart-felt improvisation within a solid awareness of song structure and a sense of adventure in their own way, same as how they love musical mojo in New Orleans; only the beats, the voodoo, and the cuisine are different. On the lighter side of things, I would be remiss if I did not say, "Don't inject the pot. Not. Even. Once." Lighten up people!

About the digital image at the top of this web page:

The photo montage at the header is made from photographs of some of my guitar gear. All of these montage elements are from my creative works. A digital photo overlay of an acrylic-on- canvas-paper / brush / toothbrush / drybrush painting, titled "Cargo Jet 3", blended-layer in on top of the photo composite adds the coloring to the amplifiers and guitarist equipment. The "No Fuzz Boxes Allowed On Premises" signage is a joke about a former cafe owner with a serious problem who used to have musicians perform there. Signage graphic created in Adobe Illustrator. Digital images captured on a Nikon D90 DSLR camera fitted with a Tamron 17-50mm 2.8 lens, shot in Camera RAW format; post-processed on Adobe ACR and Photoshop Extended. I still use Adobe Creative Suite CS4.

I stood in front of a 3x5-foot silk panel as a background. My camera was mounted on an Induro tripod / ball head, and timer activated. The guitar is my goldtop 1979 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Pro. This guitar weighs 11 lbs. I had it re-fretted in 2002 by Mike Fisher of Slidell, Louisiana, guitar tech for Brian Stoltz of The Funky Meters.


Welcome to My Web Site

Welcome to this introduction to an excerpt from my Pedalboard Diaries journal. I call it The Mad Jap's Stereo Scary-o Guitar Rig. Glad you could make it!

This first writing is about a guitar stage rig project which began approximately fifteen years ago. That's when I first plugged my trusty guitar into an unassuming but classy little oxblood amplifier at a music store where I worked as a guitar instructor... and then promptly traded a whole bunch of guitar gear for this little Teutonic tube transducer: a late 1990s Hughes & Kettner Edition Tube 20-watt combo amp with a 12-inch speaker.

That amp—let's refer to it the same as my gear tech at Bilco calls it, "The Beast"—has seen awesome times jamming in the New Orleans area. One club owner would literally call me for his "guitar mercenary" work whenever a "situation" arose at one of his open jams. This amp, an old Les Paul with P90s, and little else other than his "favorite left hand north of Lake Ponchartrain", got the job done. I had no band politics to get in the way of helping out my friend.

After The Beast was blown up by a delay pedal overload mishap at a Bounty Hunter rehearsal, I bought a used Hughes & Kettner Edition Tube 20th Anniversary model from a popular auction web site to fill in for it while other amp techs tried in vain to repair it—(they demanded to be paid anyway). The 20th Anniversary lost a tube during the first set of its third gig. I wound up gigging through a hybrid Randall that guitarist friend Billy Sargent (of Music Co-op and a former fellow staff guitar instructor at Bay Street Music in Beaufort, South Carolina) had been kind enough to sell me at a good price as a backup amplifier.

My RG526 metal band required more umph than the little Randall could deliver. I went big in the amp department. Pedalboards were built, stolen--as were my two big amp heads--, and replaced piece-by-piece whilst in the middle of gig season. The little duo of German H&Ks sat patiently. Other amps came and stole their due attention. Eventually, other musical group side projects (Moist Executive, The Ebolans) took my guitar rigs into totally different directions. I evolved more and more as a musician.

In the background, a fabled master tech at Bilco Amps took on the task of bringing my two Hughes & Kettners back to life, as did medical doctors with my trying to get my busted ticker in somewhat of a working order.

In time, they all succeeded. We're hearing the wonderful sounds in my head that I'd abandoned some years ago. Technology has caught up with us. Fortunately, I had some funds saved up for just such an occasion. Aged, scarred, and knowing; we're back.

As I write this to you, our band Bounty Hunter is preparing for our fifth invitational to perform for the people gathered in Downtown City Market in Savannah, Georgia for its annual St. Patrick's Celebration for two wonderful afternoons.

More of Ronnie Able's vintage bass guitars are returning to the stage. Brian Canaday has a killer green-black-fade drum set for these shows. Ray Tomasino's high-tech guitar rig just may go stereo this year. That may be because my entire stage rig has now become more full-stereo than my previous amp. Bounty Hunter is going to rock Savannah!

My rig? The Beast is the Master Amp; the 20th Anniversary is its stereo Slave Amp. Pushing this pair of amps are two brand-new pedalboards filled with the sounds and the show in my head. But it's not just the amps, pedalboards, and hands.

The truth is in the details.

Thank you for letting me share these with you.

—Jimmy "The Mad Jap" Polston. March 9, 2016

On The Web:


In Person:

Bounty Hunter Show Dates and Times

2016 Savannah St. Patrick's Celebration
March 17th, Thursday -- 2:30PM - 5:30PM
March 19th, Saturday -- 1:30PM - 3:30PM
Location: Downtown City Market, Savannah, Georgia
Event Stage: The Yuengling Stage, Jefferson Street

Redbreast Tournament
May 21st
Stoke's Bluff
Clio, South Carolina
Bounty Hunter to perform 8PM - 11PM
Outdoor Stage

The Details - Chapter 1.

Go to The Mad Jap's Stereo Scary-O St. Patrick's Guitar Rig, March 2016

Coming soon:

A short article on theft recovery measures, which I touched upon in Lowcountry Underground Magazine, but will update on this web site with new information.

For Sale

* Anyone want to buy an (8) PAR38 aluminum fixtures, (2) DMX dimmer packs, and (1) DMX foot-controller stage lighting setup? Don't tell me your band can't afford lights. I bought this lighting gear with my pay from a couple of months of weekend nightclub gigs. They look a heckuva lot better than bare bulbs on the floor. Local pickup only, please.

No; I'm not interested in selling my LED stage lighting at fire sale prices.